Co-Host: Helena B.

Helena is a native New Yorker who relocated to Massachusetts after college in Amherst.  A successful career in marketing for the IT industry (yes, she is a geek too) led her to founding The Barn Works, a marketing firm catering to equine businesses.

Helena lives in the greater Boston area, and is currently searching for her next riding partner. Her first horse, Zeke, is happily retired from his career as a field hunter and is content to hack out with Helena’s 7-year old daughter, Grace.

Forever a student of all things equine, Helena likes to learn about all disciplines. Since she rides primarily for pleasure, a well-rounded skill set means she gets to try all kinds of riding. Except perhaps, vaulting. She says she’ll leave that discipline to the young and coordinated!

Helena has an extensive background in equestrian retail and is the current geek for Tack of the Day.

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Co-Host: Glenn the Geek

Yes, you saw that by-line correctly! I am coming back to the airwaves shortly. For those “Glenn the Geek” fans out there, it is your lucky day.

For those of you who are are going “Who is Glenn the Geek?” , then you are in for a treat. (Only a little conceit there.)

I (Glenn the Geek) have been in the horse business for over 20 years in many capacities.  From stallmucker to retail equine marketer my adventures have included:

  • First and foremost Glenn is horse husband, as he married into the horse thing 20 years ago.  Yes, he got the “Don’t ever say it’s me or the horse” lecture. He never did and is still married.  Glenn’s wife is a HA graduate Pony Clubber and Eventer.
  • Glenn was an improvisational performer with The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and The Medieval Feasting Guild for over 10 years.
  • Glenn and his wife, Jennifer, owned a boarding stable in central PA for 15 years.
  • He is a driver of horses and ponies.
  • He has been a webmaster in the equine retail market since the beginning of the Internet. Some of you old timers will remember him from The Horse Stuff Company.
  • Glenn went on to work with Bit of Britain and was the creator of the wildly successful Tack of the Day website (check it out). Yes, he was responsible for the bad humor for the first two years!
  • Many of you will recognize him as one of the hosts on the first Internet Horse Podcast called the Talking Equine Show.
  • You can also find Glenn on other Horse Radio Network podcasts at, Horse Tip Daily and
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