Tack and Habit Episode 17 – AETA Final Round including Toad Juice

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The final five product show from AETA International.   Glenn and Helena cover the gambit including helmets, beet pulp, saddles, brushes and Toad Juice.  Listen in to find out if Toad Juice is actually made from toads…

Tack and Habit Episode 16 – Show Notes and Links:

Hosts: Helena B. and Glenn the Geek

Photo: Glenn the Geek and Helena Bee at the Charles Owen booth.

Special Thank You: A special thank you to the American Equestrian Trade Association and to Hopper Expositions for inviting us to the AETA International and for being do accommodating and supportive.


Product #1:  Charles Owen AYR8 Helmets

Guest:  Roy Burek, Managing Director


This low profile helmet combines fashionable microfibre suede side panels, with a mesh center to maximize air flow through the 12 ventilation apertures, achieving the perfect combination of cool equestrian chic. Developed for the equestrian athlete the slimline helmet uses advanced modern materials and incorporates the latest in thermoregulation for helmets to keep your head cool.

The soft suede harness incorporates the revolutionary GRpx® technology which creates a snug and secure fit using scientifically designed grippers. The harness is coordinated to the specific colors within the range to give that complete finished look.

The brim is gently rounded to flatter the face and a press stamped metallic logo is positioned centrally above the peak. Another embroidered logo features on the back of the helmet to replace the traditional ribbon .

The super soft headband is embedded with high tech silver ions, providing built-in antimicrobial protection, helping to keep the helmet hygienic and free from smells.

Manufacturer:  Charles Owen

Price:  $320.95

Buy: Buy yours today at Equestrian Collections


Product #2:  Toad Juice

Guest:  Gerry Reid


Toad Juice® is a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free solution that may be sprayed on your horse without the need to rinse off. It’s special ingredients work gently, killing bacteria and fungus without interfering with fly spray! In fact, Toad Juice® actually enhances the use of fly spray by creating a germ-free environment flies aren’t attracted to! Toad Juice® has also been used on dogs and cats relieving mange, ringworm and skin irritations from fleas and ticks.

Manufacturer:  CoCos Equine

Price: $12.00

Buy:  Buy your Toad Juice at ToadJuice.net

Product #3:  Barnsby Saddlery Milton Jumping Saddle

Guest:  Cliff Kirby Tibbits


The Milton Pro-Seat is the ideal hunter jumper saddle with narrow twist, featuring French calf preblocked kneepads and a seat finished with a contoured seam. This top of the range saddle offers a broad bearing surface with a choice of either felt and rubber, or traditional wool-flocked, close-contact panel.

Manufacturer:  Barnsby

Price: $1,895.00

Buy: Buy your Barnsby at  Mary’s Tack


Product #4:  Speedi-Beet

Guest:  Amanda McNally

Manufacturer:  British Horse Feeds distributed by Emerald Valley Natural Health


Speedi-Beet is a unique combination of HIGH digestible fiber, LOW starch and sugars and INCREASED Palatability and flavor created during the MICRONIZING process.

MICRONIZING is a cooking process using infra red rays producing rapid heating which rupture the cell walls of the flake leading to increased food conversion efficiency and improved fiber digestibility.

Speedi-Beet® is the revolutionary unmollassed sugar beet product which can be prepared and ready to use in under 10 minutes, while other sugar beet products can take 24 hours to soak prior to use. It is convenient and advantageous for horse owners because it enables them to prepare the beet alongside their other feeds rather than having to plan long in advance.

Less expensive per serving compared to regular beet pulp shreds!

Price: $36.95 – 44 lb bag

Buy: Buy today at Emerald Valley


Product #5:  Fox Run Pastern Brush

Guest:  Jennifer Werner


Natural fibre bristles longer in the centre for cleaning the pastern area.

Manufacturer:  Fox Run Horse Products through European Saddlery Associates

Price: $17.95

Buy: Learn more today at Fox Run


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